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Moon Water Necklace

Moon Water Necklace

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Charged under the last Full Moon:

2/24/2024 Full Moon in Virgo (Snow Moon)

You might be wondering: what does moon water actually do? The most popular use is to cultivate power in our spiritual intentions for the new moon cycle ahead, or release negativity from the cycle behind us.

It’s essentially all about manifesting positive energy and spiritual wellbeing, using the ancient energy current of the moon.

The Full Moon in Virgo signifies a moment of heightened awareness and introspection. Virgo, an earth sign ruled by Mercury, emphasizes precision, service, and practicality. During this lunar phase, the focus turns towards selfless service and refining one's approach to everyday tasks.

The Virgo Full Moon encourages a meticulous examination of how we serve others and ourselves. It sheds light on areas where ego-driven motives may be influencing our actions. This is a time for self-reflection, aiming to align our intentions with genuine compassion and dedication.

Virgos are known for their analytical nature and attention to detail. This lunar influence prompts us to assess our routines, habits, and methods, seeking improvements that contribute to a more organized and efficient life.

As the moon reaches its full illumination in Virgo, it invites us to acknowledge the importance of self-care. This involves recognizing when to prioritize our well-being, filling our own cup before extending our service to others. It's a reminder that genuine service arises from a balanced and replenished state.

Ultimately, the Full Moon in Virgo guides us towards a practical and purposeful existence, encouraging us to refine our intentions, serve with authenticity, and embrace a harmonious balance between self-care and altruism.


material: stainless steel

necklace length: 20 inches

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