Let's admit it, the past few years have been like a rain cloud over all of us. We believe that you are not living your best life possible, unless your mind, body, & soul are completely healthy.  

We strive to bring our customers high quality plants, crystals, self-care products and metaphysical items.

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We enjoy taking a holistic approach to life, which is why we carry products that will help you and whatever goal you may have. The past few years have taken a toll on a lot of us and has affected us in many ways. While our founder was on a spirituality journey and working on their own mental health, Highly Mystical Creations was created.

Our shop is based around mental health awareness & spirituality discoveries. We want to create a safe space for all to feel welcomed without any judgement & where all beliefs for the highest good are honored.

Our mission as a company is to create a more positive and better world. We plant a tree for every order placed, we believe giving back to the world as much as possible. Our company strives to have the best ethics. We are an eco-friendly, substantiable, fair trade, USA artisan supporting, LGBTQ+ friendly, customer focused based company. We believe in equality for all, spreading positivity, and uplifting others. We are all in this crazy journey called life together!

We encourage you to begin your journey with us at Highly Mystical Creations!

Thank you for supporting a small business!



  • Crystals

    The proposed healing benefits of crystals predominantly surround areas of mental wellbeing; including feelings of increased tranquility, positivity and focus, as well as enhanced immunity and natural pain relief.

    Individual crystals are also known to have their own special energies that can align to different areas of your life, with their shape and colour – as well as their type – affecting their influence.

    Whatever you may need, we have a crystal for that!

  • Plants

    Plants can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Indoor plants can make you more productive and boost your creativity and improve your homes air quality. Plants also help create routines and are rewarding, providing us accomplishments while they thrive. Plus they make great home decor!

    A 2007 study found a bacterium in plant soil called Mycobacterium vaccae that triggers the release of serotonin, which lifts mood and reduces anxiety. Therefore, interaction with indoor or outdoor plants can alleviate symptoms of depression.

  • Metaphysical

    Metaphysics was first conceived by Aristotle as a means of pondering what lies beyond physics. It has evolved as a branch of philosophy that asks questions like “why are we here?” and “what lies beyond what we can sense with our senses.” Today, metaphysics is practiced as a spiritual path that branches over all others, given that it accepts all spiritual paths as a means to a greater truth. Beyond physics means exactly that. Metaphysics is on the edge of science and thought, attempting to make sense of the things that we cannot apply the scientific method to, such as pondering spirituality, the afterlife, the presence of deities and spirits, and even the practices of magic. Using metaphysical philosophy and practices, anyone can find happiness and manifest their desires in life through the connection to the divine that they find within.

  • Self-Care

    Ideally, we all engage in regular self-care in which we do the things that make us feel taken care of mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes this doesn’t always happen for whatever reason such as time or mood, and we may need to stop and take the time to remind ourselves we are important too.

    Try bringing bath rituals into the mix to make it more exciting! A ritual bath is just like any other bath or shower, except that we bring an element of spirituality or ceremony into it. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate production and shouldn’t include any elements that don’t actually feel nourishing, grounding, and supportive for you. We have many ritual bath bombs & bath salts to help you with your self-care needs!

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