When you visit our store to look through the large selection of minerals that we have and use this Gemstone Meanings and Physical Properties Cheat Sheet to find the metaphysical meanings behind some of the gemstones!


*Stones should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment--Please consult a licensed healthcare specialist. The information within is for entertainment only and is not warranted or claiming to be accurate, reliable, or complete. *

Agate- Strength, Courage, stabilize emotions and physical energy, self acceptance, healing and cleansing of negative energy, soothing, calming

Amazonite – Inspiration, confidence, self-love, creative expression, communication skills, truth, resolves conflict, calms in stressful situations, aids muscle spasms

Amber – Nurturing, warmth, energy, prosperity, thankful for life’s blessings, happiness, clarification, calms nerves, patience, romantic love, creativity, focus, healing, reduces depression

Amethyst – Protection, purification, spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, counters addictions, intuition, wise decision- making, clears negativity

Ametrine – Combines Amethyst & Citrine, mental and spiritual clarity, decisiveness, overcome fear of change, reduce procrastination, self-trust, regulates weight

Andalusite – Cleansing, comforting, strengthening, protective, activates higher chakras, harmony, memory, reveal’s one’s true self, corrects calcium deficiency

Angel Aura Quartz – Master healer, serenity, optimism, balance, protects and cleanses aura, mental clarity, boosts mood, releases unused past patterns, digestion, immune system, organ function

Angelite (Anhydrite) – Self-expression, increases awareness, serenity, peace, angelic communication, dreaming, healing, relieves tension, forgiveness

Apache Tears – Comforting in times of grief, healing from loss and trauma, protection, nourishing, grounding, counters negativity, produces clarity in all situations

Apophyllite – Interdimensional awareness, unifies feminine and masculine energies, activates inner vision, connecting with Higher Self, trust in the Divine

Aqua Aura Quartz – Prosperity, wealth, success, confidence and clarity in communication, uncover inner truth, concentration, balances emotions, reduce fevers, benefits those with autism and cerebral palsy, treats thyroid

Aquamarine – Cooling, soothing, quiet wisdom, clear and calm communication, minimizes anger, helps to let go of the old for new beginnings

Aragonite – Emotional healing, balances energy system and chakras, release attachment to past wounds, increases the body’s stamina, healing broken bones

Astrophyllite – Expands one’s consciousness and spiritual perception, assists with getting through turning points in life, helps with astral travel, allows one to sense other’s needs, inner balance, motivation,

Autumn Obsidian (man-made) – Connect to inner voice, balances chakras, prosperity, problem-solving, confidence to speak freely and sincerely, positivity, motivation to work towards happiness and prosperity

Aventurine – Good luck, vitality, confidence, maintain optimism, finding joy in daily life, embrace change and let go of old attachments, general healing

Azurite – Insight, learning, psychic awareness, vision, intuition, dreaming, discerning truths in oneself and others, soothes migraines, steadies vertigo

Bamboo Jasper- Grounding, stability, balance, strength

Banded Carnelian – Stability, motivation, treats arthritis and back problems, reduces depression

Bismuth – Focus, transformation, energizing, relieves feelings of isolation and loneliness, promotes changes in the right direction, physical vitality

Black Coral – Energy balancing, wisdom, turns negative energy into positive, transforms sorry and anxiety into happiness and confidence, purification, repels nightmares, male fertility

Black Moonstone – Reduces mood swings, new beginnings, helps with feminine hormonal issues, dream recall, connection to the moon and its cycles, psychic protection, use during New Moon

Black Obsidian – Psychic protection, grounding, self-control, releases and repels negative energy, breaks harmful behavior like self-abuse addictions and eating disorders

Black Tourmaline – Protection, purification, grounds, reduces anger and anxieties, cleanses the body, clears the aura, connects to Earth

Bloodstone – Strength, purification, courage to take the right action, faith in the Divine, overcome loneliness, feel self-sufficient, assists with all blood issues

Blue Apatite – Communication, uplifting, gives higher perspective on problems, psychic activation, soothes headaches, helps with eye problems

Blue Aragonite – Communication, meditation, spiritual communication, intuition, convey ideas clearly, emotional healing, overcoming fear of speaking, aids in respiratory illnesses

Blue Barite – Memory, connects mind and body, stimulates coincidence, meditation, dreaming, confidence to achieve goals, intuition, connects with higher beings, calms a nervous stomach

Blue Calcite – Enhances creativity, aids memory and learning, psychic ability, release anxieties, optimism, strengthen dreaming, aids respiratory system and headaches

Blue Chalcedony – Soothes unconscious anxieties and fears, calms, clear communication, promotes brotherhood, reduces self-doubt, increases physical energy, lessens senility

Blue Kyanite – Communication, self-expression, speaking truth, public speaking, dreaming, aligns chakras, links physical and astral bodies, removes energy blockages, heals throat problems

Blue Goldstone (man-made) – Protection, confidence, motivation, aids in learning, communication, vitality, positivity, eases headaches and eye issues

Blue Lace Agate – Confidence, communicating truth and wisdom clearly and in a balanced way, calming overactive thoughts, positivity, soothes sore throats

Blue Tiger’s Eye – Reduces stress and anxiety, eases depression, mental clarity and focus, insight to personal struggles, opens aura, balances, boosts creativity, minimizes eye issues

Botswana Agate – Comforting, relieves depression, helps to address and release repressed emotional issues, enhances creativity, stimulates crown chakra, detoxifies the body

Brown Tiger’s Eye – Boosts willpower and confidence, protection, balancing, grounding, discernment, fairness, helps to find your true personality, maintains stability in difficult situations

Carnelian – Courage, confidence to get what you want, helps to embrace change, sexuality, energy, aids in overcoming addictions and harmful habits, balances and heals sexual organs

Caribbean Calcite- Calming, encouraging, relieves stress & anxiety, restful sleep, lucid dreams, relaxation, self confidence, personal growth

Caribbean Obsidian (man-made) – Protection, repels negative energy, calms, helps with public speaking and general communication, psychic development, telepathy, astral travel

Cat’s Eye (man-made) – Intuition, awareness, happiness, grounding, good luck, turns negative thoughts into positive, creativity, generosity, aids eye issues, relieves headaches

Celestite – Serenity, enhances third-eye and crown chakras, angelic communication, helps to overcome fear or paranoia, cleanses eye infections, activates metabolism

Chalcopyrite – Joy, balance, releases stress, removes energy blockages, activates chakras, increases self-esteem, helps to find lost objects

Charoite – Helps to put things in perspective, discernment, protection, finds one’s path of service, psychic ability, clears negativity, reduces headaches, cleanses auric body

Chevron Amethyst – Peace of mind, self-discovery balance, courage, insight in situations, decision making, clarity of thought, psychic abilities, relieves stress, treats insomnia and arthritis

Chrysanthemum Stone – Good fortune, good luck, increases coincidences, helps to obtain goals, new beginnings and ideas, finding joy in every moment unexpected opportunities, reduces distractions, fertility

Chrysocolla – Communication, gentleness, power, security and confidence in social settings, releases fear and criticism, reduces anxieties, regulates thyroid, heals throat issues

Chrysoprase – Compassion, forgiveness, stimulates the heart chakra, connect with nature, promoting positivity and love to others and the earth, heals a broken heart, stone of youth

Chytha (Serpentine with Jade) – Confidence, compassion, good luck, new friendships, peace, independence, connection with nature, wisdom, meditation, positive attitude, enhances intuition, fertility and childbirth

Citrine – Mental focus and clarity, learning, enhances creativity, seeing and pursuing goals, optimism, aids in digestive issues, boosts metabolism, increases energy

Copper – Energy, psychic abilities, angelic communication, grounding, releases anger, self-expression, aids in skin issues, improves circulation, eases joint problems

Crazy Lace Agate – Emotional stability, letting go of attachments, going with the flow, decision-making, harmonizes yin-yang, grounding, reduces fatigue, joy and laughter, creativity

Dalmatian Jasper – Happiness, playfulness, clarity of one’s strengths and weaknesses, pulls down mental barriers, finding true purpose, inspires service, blood purifier, boosts immune system

Dendritic Quartz – Stone of Plentitude, wealth, prosperity, connection to earth, growth in all areas, stabilizing, patience, maturity, concentration, reduces postpartum depression, treats skeletal issues, digestion, helps eyes

Desert Rose- Enhance love & teamwork, pursue dreams, dissolve self imposed restrictions, strength, life purpose

Dragon Stone – Good luck, wealth, focus, energy, courage, determination, adventure, creativity, compassion, self-healing and reflection, grounding, forgiveness, love, encourages social interaction, heals emotional issues

Emerald – Love, compassion, activates the heart chakra, trust in the Divine, acceptance of others without judgment, releases fear of abandonment and unworthiness, heals heart issues

Epidote – Strong vibration, releases negativity, activates all chakras, reduces depression, aids in cancers, weight loss

Fire Agate – Sexuality, creativity, grounding, protective, risk-taking, courage, enjoying life, stone of youth, stimulates the root and sexual chakras, digestion

Fire Opal – Passion, artistic creativity, optimism, playfulness, balances yin and yang energies, eases inhibition, overcome shyness, increases feeling of love during sexual experiences, fertility

Fluorite – Mental clarity and focus, decision making, learning, memorization, concentration, overcoming fear of the future, helps vertigo and dizziness, clears the energy field

Flower Agate- Release stress & anxiety, calming, harmony, positivity, joy, improves concentration, soothing, security 

Garden Quartz- Spiritual growth, healing, soothing, connects to nature, strength, courage, improve communication 

Garnet – Manifestation, prosperity, relationships, grounding, turning desires into reality, strength, security, healing after injuries, sexual organ health

Golden Calcite – Responsible and fair leadership, confidence, increase luck flow, courage, positive self-worth, helps learn and develop new talents, heals from abusive emotional situations, remove mental limits

Golden Healer Quartz- Connects us to the Devine Spirit, Master Healer, activates solar plexus, imagination, balance, harmony, protective, nurturing, energizing, cleansing

Goldstone (man-made) – Ambition, inspiration, helps to attain goals, energy, courage, positivity, vitality, transformation, good luck while traveling, protection, reduce tension

Green Aventurine- Strength, courage, confidence, happiness, new opportunities, abundance

Green Calcite – Wealth and prosperity, letting go of old patterns or energies, feel relaxed during daily stresses, stills the mind, pleasant dreams, intuition, decreases nervous ticks and stammering

Green Goldstone (man-made) – Wealth and abundance, ambition, energy, heals the heart, finding one’s goal in life, positivity, confidence, protection, minimizes joint pain

Green Strawberry Quartz- Self love, loving energy, calming, gentle, nurturing

Golden Sheen Obsidian- Dissolves negativity, purifies aura, clears blockages, balancing, protections, growth 

Green Tree Agate – Calms nerves, abundance, good luck, wealth, inner peace, connection with and appreciation of nature and botany, calms mood swings, grounding, balances water in the body, boosts immune system

Green Zebra Jasper – Determination, motivation, recharges energy, encourages one to finish what was started, connection to earth, self-control, confront problems face on

Hematite – Grounding, seeing positivity in all areas, reduces confusion, turning spiritual into physical, courage and strength during difficulties, removes negativity of others, heals blood issues

Herkimer Diamonds – Dreaming and astral travel, visions, meditation, purification, crystal grids, aids eye problems, cleanses the body, increases energy and power

Hiddenite – Eases anxiety and stress, lifts mood, loving relationships, love for self, gratitude, focus on the present gifts and moments, balance during hormonal cycles, heals emotional wounds

Honey Calcite- Empowering, happiness, responsibility, leadership, self worth, courage, inspiration

Howlite – Eliminates stress and worry, enjoyment of life, helps with insomnia, strengthens memory, reduces anger, promotes patience, calming, balances calcium in the body

Iolite – Inner vision, releasing old problems and finding solutions, meditation, positivity, calming, clear perspectives, finding true self, heals eye issues, improves memory, balances sleep problems

Jade – Prosperity and wellbeing, good luck, energy of the earth, nurturing, reminds to enjoy the gift of each day, harmony, removes financial and monetary fears, moderation, positivity, fertility

Jasper- Alleviates stress, protection, tranquility, wholeness, absorbs negativity

Jet – Protection, finds the lesson in negativity, purification, grounding, helps to face current situation honestly, cleanses liver and kidneys

Kunzite – Encourages to go with the flow of life, helps to overcome emotional trauma or abuse, releases negative patterns, open to love, empathy, connects mind and heart, romantic love, heart health

Kyanite – Self-expression, speaking truth, good for public speaking and performing, fairness and diplomacy, restful sleep, calming, balance, intuition, aligns the chakras, heals throat issues

Labradorite – Psychic abilities, magic, psychic protection, helps through change and transformation, repels fears and anxieties, stimulates imagination, regulates metabolism

Lapis Lazuli – Inner vision, purification, harmony, self-awareness and expression, enhances meditative journeys, confidence, relationships, helps respiratory and nervous systems

Larimar – Calming, serenity, diffuses anger, self-respect, clear communication, harmony, balance, feminine power, reduces panic attacks and stress, pregnancy and post-partum issues

Larvikite- Inner strength, creativity, security, wisdom, physic ability enhancing, promotes clarity, awareness 

Leopard Skin Jasper – Spiritual discovery, connection to animals, self-healing, stability, protection, overcomes difficulties and doubt in creativity, recognize talents, aids skin issues

Lepidolite – Stress relief, relaxation, purification, stone of transition, releases addictions, independence, self-trust, balances emotions, support stone for mental and emotional imbalances, strengthens immune system

Limonite – Mental healer, prevents self-sabotaging thoughts, intuition, mental stability, youthfulness, focus on how to obtain goals, improves mood, good luck

Lodestone (Magnetite) – Good luck, stability, grounding, balancing polarities, loyalty and love, reduces anger and fear, prevents mood swings, helps with hormonal changes

Magnetite – (See Lodestone)

Mahogany Obsidian – Removes ancestral habits of fear and abuse, clears negative thoughts and beliefs from abuse or trauma, ancestral healing, releases limitations of past experiences

Malachite – Leadership, peace, helps to recognize and utilize one’s power in a constructive way, protection from power abuse, encourages risk-taking, reduces joint inflammation, detoxifying

Mangano Calcite – Tranquility, forgiveness, soothing, self-esteem, helps to express emotions, heals the heart, compassion, inner-peace, rejuvenating, helps to overcome past unresolved trauma or pain, comfort with oneself

Marble Jasper – Eliminates negativity, connects to earth, deep meditation, calms fears, dispels nightmares, success in business, help to overcome smoking addiction, detoxifies the body

Mica – Looking at situations in detail, modesty, devotion, innocence, trust, eases traveling discomfort and sickness, digestive and intestinal issues, steadies blood sugar levels

Moldavite – Transformation, chakra activation, spiritual activation, protection, cleansing, powerfully life changing, shows deepest fears and secrets to be cleared, pushes spiritual growth

Mookaite – Nurturing, decision making, accept change, shields against negative or dangerous situations, ancestral healing, energy, kindness, strengthens immune system, general health

Moonstone – Traveler’s stone, self-discovery, calming, appropriate action for each stage of life, patience, psychic awareness, communication, fortune and success in business, PMS

Moqui Balls (Shaman Stones)– Psychic protection, spiritual growth, Shamanic journeying, male/female balance, reduces fear, intuition, connects with spirit and animal guides

Moss Agate – New beginnings, peace, stability, energy of the earth, feeling of wholeness, wealth, self-expression, balances emotional issues, circulation, digestion, sharpens senses

Mugglestone (Tiger Iron) – Creativity and artistic abilities, stamina, energy, emotional and physical strength, courage in daily life, supports healthy habits, aids in blood weaknesses or issues

Ocean  Jasper – Releases negativity, relaxation, see the positive of life, lifts the spirits, meditation, centering, heals organs, regeneration of tissues in the body, stabilizes thyroid

Onyx – Focus, self-control, wise decision making, quells nervousness and anxiety, good fortune, inner strength, discipline, rebuilds energy and stamina after an illness

Opal – Purification, intensification of emotions, emotional cleansing, positivity, love, strengthens hair and nails, helps with skin issues

Opalite – Business success, meditation, spiritual communication, verbalizes feelings, removes energy blockages, helps with transitions, enhances sexual experiences, overcomes fatigue

Orange Calcite – Motivation, energy, focus, creativity, sexuality, balances emotions, clears energy blockages, improves memory, confidence, removes fear of failure, heals reproductive system

Orbicular Jasper – Nurturing, protective stone, teaches patience, empathy, reduces anger, increases joy, enthusiasm, eliminates depression and stress, helps digestion

Petoskey Stone – Stimulates the third eye, creativity, psychic awareness, dispels negative spirits and energy, awareness of emotions, hope, healing

Peridot – Animal communication and healing, renewal and rebirth of all kinds, confidence, opens the mind to new awareness, teaches to receive with grace, strengthens blood, reduces lethargy

Petrified Wood – Healing problems and issues from family history, physical healing, managing transition, feeling of safety and security, patience during changes

Phoenix Stone- Peace, grounding, joy, acceptance, abundance, harmony, strength, balance, courage, confidence, power

Picasso Marble Jasper – Gentle transformation, manifests creative ideas, strength and perseverance through change, peace, minimizes stress and anxiety, digestion, metabolism

Picture Jasper – Meditation, merges consciousness with earth, nurturing, removes fear and worry, artistic inspiration, productivity, stability, helps to quit bad habits, fortifies kidneys and stomach

Pietersite – Intuition, insight, spiritual activation, finding new directions when feeling stuck, taking action for one’s own life, finding a shift in life, fearless, gives energy and strength

Pink Chalcedony – Generosity and kindness, happiness, optimism, emotional balance, energy, endurance, removes self-doubt and negative thoughts, repels nightmares, reduces hostility, increase immune system

Pink Opal – Tranquil, heals emotional wounds, resolves and releases hidden fears, strengthens inner self, centers during good and bad times, individuality, rejuvenating, cleanses the heart space, reduces anxieties and fear

Poppy Jasper – Joy, motivation to take action, energizing, inspires new ideas, relaxation, emotional balance, willpower, aligns chakras, diminishes allergies, aids in childbirth

Prasiolite – Creativity, success, prosperity, abundance, balances the body, receiving and sharing love, connection with nature, aids in stomach and digestion imbalance

Prehnite – Helps with decluttering and hoarding, removes nightmares and phobias, memory, calming, harmony with nature and its forces, balances circulatory system, detoxifies the body

Prehnite with Epidote – Joy, peace, grounding, protective, restorative, good for those who work to heal others, clears congestion, calms infections

Pumice – Healing emotional wounds, cleansing, protection, illuminates the appropriate response to negative situations, detoxification, minimizes IBS symptoms, aids in childbirth

Pyrite – Protection, memory, meditation, physical and emotional wellbeing, taking action with masculine energy, overcome fears and take action, heals bones and infectious diseases

Quartz (Clear) – Master healer, restores and regulates energy, clears the mind, meditation, harmonizes all chakras, psychic abilities, concentration, memory, stimulates immune system

Rainbow Moonstone – Optimism, heals emotional wounds, inner peace, activates and clears all chakras, individuality, transforms negativity, centering, protective

Rainbow Obsidian – Lightens one’s mood, reduces depression and stress, gently heals and cleanses emotional problems, prosperity, gives support when in grief or heartache

Rainforest Rhyolite – Connection to earth, passion for all things in nature, happiness, confront and heal emotional wounds, strength on spiritual journeys, opens the heart to love

Red Jasper – Grounding, strength, courage, creativity, stamina, nurturing in crises, deeper insight during difficulties, stimulates energy, increases sexual vibrancy, self-confidence, generates muscle tissue

Red Tiger’s Eye – Motivation to move forward in life, helps to achieve goals, clarity, grounding, good luck, finds personal talents, aids blood disorders like anemia

Red Wine Quartz – High energy, overcomes blockages to find inner discovery, confidence, transforming, positivity, rejuvenates, strengthen friendships, finds new opportunities, fortitude, boosts immune system

Rhodochrosite – Self-love and self-worth, playfulness, positivity, creativity, healing of childhood emotional wounds, recovery of lost memories and gifts, dreaming, relieves migraines

Rhodonite – Stone of love, selfless love, compassion, valuing and utilizing one’s gifts and skills, finding one’s purpose and potential, forgiveness, weight loss, detoxification, stimulates organs

Rhyolite – Prevents procrastination, energy, protection, connection with nature, self-worth, past life healing, deep mediation, keeps one in the present, physical rejuvenation, weight loss

Rose Quartz – Unconditional love, self-love, friendship, all relationships, peace, self-forgiveness and self-trust, gentleness, releases fear and worry, strengthens the heart and circulatory system

Rubellite in Quartz – Love, strength, balance, desire, helps during grief and depression, new relationships, nurturing, new ideas, sexual energy, fertility, treats motion sickness, aids the heart and reproductive system

Ruby – Courage, adventurous, motivation, feeling engaged with life, joy, spontaneity, trying new things, wealth, passion, overcomes exhaustion, aids in restrictive blood flow, fertility

Ruby Fuchsite – Self-esteem, healing relationship problems, discouraging violence, gentleness, heal oneself, awareness of the deep self, treats the bowels and organs

Ruby Zoisite – Psychic abilities, enhances individuality, heals heartache, facing fears, joy, courage, passion for life, sexual drive, improves circulation, aids in heart and blood disorders

Rutilated Quartz – Spiritual growth, finds root of problems, cleanses aura, manifests faster, dispels fears and phobias, antidepressant, reduces “phantom pain” of part of body that’s been removed

Sandstone – Creativity, rejuvenation, enlightenment, guidance with problems, balances thoughts and mood, decision-making, improves eyesight, heals bones, strengthens hair and nails

Sapphire – Prosperity, fulfilling desires, wisdom, discipline, learning, concentration, psychic abilities, aids headaches, helps with eye and ear issues

Sardonyx – Happiness, luck, romance, stamina, self-control, good friendships, overcomes depression, diminishes hesitation, courage, treats lungs and bones

Scolecite – Inner peace, manifestation, gentleness, teaches balance when faced with difficulty, stimulates the brain, promotes calmness when distraught or violent

Selenite – Cleanses stones of negativity, spiritual activation, communication with angels and higher guides, meditation, gives clarity, gives a push forward in one’s life, corrects skeletal deformities

Seraphinite – Cleanses the aura, activates and balances all chakras, removes negative old patterns, Kundalini awakening, living from the heart, angelic communication, heals nerve and brain cells

Serpentine – Connection and communication with nature, Kundalini awakening, reduces self-centeredness, embraces changes and growth, joy, clears blocked energy, helps with diabetes

Shiva Lingam – Vitality, allows one to feel unity, accepting differences between others, Kundalini awakening, diminishes judgment and the need to be individual, fertility, strengthening whole body

Shungite – Purification, cleansing, grounding, protection from negative energy, emotional rebirth, prepares one for Light Body activation, detects falsehood, dispels disease, purifies the body

Smokey Quartz – Clears negativity and energy blockages, grounding, detoxifying, removes fear and depression, concentration, manifests dreams, counters any kind of radiation

Snakeskin Agate – Strength, self-esteem, feminine energy, finding lost items, joy, optimism on life, finding reasons to be grateful, inner peace, perseverance during difficult times, aids in skin issues

Snowflake Obsidian – Calming, shows value of mistakes, see the guidance of the natural world, empowers isolation, perseverance in difficult times, overcome victimization feelings, limits cancerous cells

Soapstone – Peaceful, calming, warming, releases outdated habits and patterns, stabilizes emotions, communication, confidence, honestly expressing feelings, relaxation

Sodalite – Rational thought, stabilizes mental and emotional processes, helps to find one’s path in life, intelligence, self-esteem, self-trust, PMS, cramps, migraine, headaches, throat issues

Spodumene – Confidence, protection against negative energy, dispels nightmares, confidence, creativity, comfort, better communication with others, inspiration to take one new projects

Spider Web Jasper – Calms nerves, balance, repels negativity, gentleness, relaxation, kinder words and actions, contentment, consolation during grief, strengthens natural abilities, interconnectedness with universe

Stilbite – Intuition, focus, decision-making, discovering true dreams and desires, expands one’s mind to all possibilities, overcomes fear of making the “wrong” choice, learning, calms ADHD

Staurolite – Protection, relieves stress and depression, good luck, helps overcome addictions (smoking), safety, calming, connects with earthly beings, grounding

Strawberry Obsidian (man-made) – Physical energy, grounding, balancing, confidence, overcome any fear or anxieties, balance male/female energies, see the changes to be made in one’s life

Strawberry Quartz- Love, passion, nurturing, motherly, happiness, joy, caring, optimism 

Sugilite – Spiritual love, spiritual awareness, reminds that one can achieve anything, finding true purpose, courage, dreaming, protection against negativity, positivity, purifies aura, hopefulness

Sunset Aura Quartz (man-treated) – Positive transformation, uplifting and loving energy, motivation, inspiration, creativity, self-expression, healing, releases fears and anxieties, growth, new beginnings, focus, balance, passion

Sunstone – Luck, prosperity, independence, sexuality, confidence, enthusiasm, using one’s skills to serve others, turns anger into joy and energy, wise and fair leadership, motivation, metabolism

Tangerine Quartz – Creativity, sensuality, playfulness, overcoming fear of unworthiness, helps mentally heal those with negative sexual experiences, curiosity, stimulates glands, fertility

Tanzanite – Moving forward with optimism, speaking truth from the heart, compassion, emotional insight, links heart and mind, calms overactive mind, speeds recovery after an illness

Tektite – Gathering of knowledge, strengthens energy field when carried daily, expands awareness beyond earth and time, experience different worlds

Tiger’s Eye – Mental clarity, protection, willpower, discernment, fairness, dispels fear and worries, stabilizes mood swings, physical wellness, creativity, harmony in relationships, blood fortifier

Tiger Iron – (See Mugglestone)

Titanium Quartz – Enjoyment of life, cleanses chakras, heals stressful relationships, focus, promotes self-learning, creativity, psychic abilities, turns sorrow into joy, counters lethargy

Titanium Rose Quartz – Universal love, self-worth, emotional balance, peace, forgiveness

Topaz – Stone of love, good fortune, expressing ideas, joy, abundance, truth, forgiveness, confidence in decisions, problem solving, strengthens hair and nails, counters eating disorders

Tourmalinated Quartz – Purification, grounding, emotional healing, protects against negativity, harmonizes opposites, clears the mind, detoxifies the body, helps with healthy diets

Tree Agate- Peace, tranquility, self examination, calming, fullness, abundance, self disco

Turquoise – Communication in emotional situations, purification, balances chakras, friendships, self-forgiveness, meditation, prevents panic attacks, treats cramps and pain, purifies lungs

Turritella Agate – Strong connection to the earth and animals, connection to ancestors and past life events, traveler’s stone, wisdom, selflessness, past life recall, reduces fatigue, fertility

Unakite – Purging of bad emotional and physical habits that prevent growth, rebirth, patience, perseverance, grounding, recovery from major illness, reproductive system, healthy pregnancy

Watermelon Tourmaline – Attracts love, peaceful relationships, encourages daily acts of self-love, balances male and female energy, heart health, stimulates release of endorphins

Yellow Obsidian – Self-esteem, abundance, protection (especially against bullying), reduces negative energy, balance, loving, associated with pets and kids, detoxifies stomach and aids digestion, reduces arthritis pain

Zebra Jasper – Calming, spiritual connection to the earth, seeing the truth in oneself and others, taking actions to one’s goals, balancing yin-yang, reduces overthinking, physical endurance

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