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Ashtanga Yoga W/ Anneliese

Ashtanga Yoga W/ Anneliese

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Saturday June 15th


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Certified as a 200-RYT (on her way to a 500-RYT) in Ashtanga Yoga, Anneliese brings her love of the Ashtanga yoga practice. She grew up around Ashtanga but fell in love once entering her own journey 6 years ago after committing to a basics class at 16 years old. Specific breathing techniques and focal points during this practice paired with movement allows one to enter a ‘moving meditation’ . It may take a bit to get there but, this is why it is called a practice… It can be hard, it can be different, and a bit of a struggle at first, but once you get it down… there’s nothing like it. It has huge benefits for any person and especially those who want to improve their cardio, endurance, and strength performance. Come check out her 75min classes!

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