1. Joining the Sale:

   - Join promptly at stated start time for the best selection!

2. Claiming Items:

   - Type "SOLD" and the item code (e.g., "SOLD C1") to claim.

   - First-come, first-served basis.

3. Live Sale Form:

   - Fill out the form on our website after claiming to provide your details.

4. Payment Instructions:

   - Invoices will be emailed via Shopify. Pay within 24 hours.

   - Non-payment will result in being blocked from future sales.

5. Shipping and Handling:

   - Crystals: Shipped nationwide. Combined shipping available.

   - Plants: Local pickup only.

   - Items shipped within 3 business days. Pickup available next business day.

6. No Holds or Reserves:

   - Items cannot be held or reserved.

7. All Sales Final:

   - Review selections carefully. Contact us within 48 hours if there's an issue.

8. Be Respectful:

   - Courteous behavior is required.

9. Questions:

   - Ask questions during the live sale for real-time answers.

Thank you for joining! We look forward to sharing our beautiful crystals and plants with you. 🌿✨