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Spell Jars for the Modern Witch by Minerva Siegel

Spell Jars for the Modern Witch by Minerva Siegel

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Dive into the magical world of spell crafting with fifty unique and customizable spell jar recipes, using everything from crystals and candles to tarot cards and herbs to heal, protect, and manifest your desires. Spell Jars for the Modern Witch will guide you through the entire process of jar spell crafting—creating spells inside sealed containers—from setting your intentions, to cleansing your ritual space, to building and activating your spells. But before diving into individual spell jar recipes, you'll first learn all about magical color, crystal, number, and astrological properties; how to best time the creation of your spell; and the power meaning of certain herbs, flowers, and other natural ingredients that will help you decide what to include in your spell jars.

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