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Shadow and Light Journal by Selena Moon

Shadow and Light Journal by Selena Moon

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[Rockpool Publishing] Your journey to self-growth and emotional well-being starts here! This immersive journal takes you on a transformative journey of personal growth. The carefully crafted prompts will enable you to delve deeper into the profound challenges that shape daily life. The Shadow and Light Journal has been thoughtfully created to help you reflect, re-think and rediscover things about yourself and your surroundings and bring you more clarity and inner peace. Through vibrant pages, detailed and symbolic imagery, practical tips and tools along with actions and affirmations, this journal is designed to inspire new thought patterns, inner reflection and help you evolve and grow into a stronger and more authentic version of yourself. Begin your journaling by reflecting on your aspirations, goals and struggles then delve more deeply into specific topics including self-doubt, overthinking, forgiveness, loneliness, conflict, rejection, love, boundaries and gratitude.

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