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Shungite EMF Cell Phone Tile Engraved w/Flower of Life-25mm

Shungite EMF Cell Phone Tile Engraved w/Flower of Life-25mm

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Helpful Shungite cell phone tile for EMF protection. It is engraved with the Flower of Life. There is a sticky adhesive on the back side of the tile so you can apply it to your phone cover.

*25mm Circle

*All Natural Shungite

**Please note: We share information about crystals and stones for healing as anecdotal information only. If you are experiencing an illness or medical condition, please consult with your doctor.

***Please note: Due to the Carbon nature of Shungite, there may be a slight black residue that comes off of the item when you touch it--it easily washes off your skin with water.

****Veining is very common in Shungite. These thin white-ish lines are not scratches. These are veins found naturally in Shungite and are normal in Shungite. This picture is an representation of the type and quality of the Shungite you will be receiving. As you know, there are slight variations due to the natural character of this product.

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