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Bard Chords

Bard Chords

Bard Chords

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Bard Chords is a painted song book- each issue is filled with inspiring and original art with themes pulled from nature and mythology, all in rhyming verse and vivid watercolor. Follow Bards Chords on social media to hear the amazing the songs that go along with these beautiful books!


About Bard Chords


Bard Chords is the combined efforts of Gibson Chase-Pinkney and Matthew Derrickson. Gibson writes and paints the books, and Matt runs the business side of things and makes sure the books find you. Bard Chords is the culmination of two people’s lifetime interest in games, stories, art and music. The songs and poetic lore in each issue portray a mythical bronze age, steeped in symbolism and rendered in rich watercolor.


Each song that inspires our issues of bard chords is a real song, with chords printed in the book and music uploaded online. The additional lore in each book beyond the main story fits the rhyme and harmony of the song it relates to. Each issue will showcase 1-3 songs from the first 32 songs in the Bard Chords canon.

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