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Apothecary Herbs, Spices, & Flowers

Apothecary Herbs, Spices, & Flowers

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We revamped our Wall Of Apothecary! We selected and sourced many herbs, spices, and flowers (all organic and food grade) in bulk and started our own home apothecary. We now package up them and label all herbs, spices, and flowers with their metaphysical meanings and uses!

Filled by volume: 3.5 x 5 inches bag 

Herbs, Spices, & Flowers Sources From Monterey Bay Herb Co

🌿Herbs, Spices, & Flowers🌿
▫️Bay Leaf
▫️Bee Pollen
▫️Cinnamon Stick
▫️Lemon Peel
▫️Rose Petal
▫️St John’s Wort
▫️Anise Star
▫️Black Salt
▫️Himalayan Pink Salt
▫️Green Tea
▫️Rose Hip
▫️Orange Peel
▫️Black Tea
▫️Burdock Root
▫️Marshmallow Root
▫️Valerian Root
▫️Dandelion Leaf
▫️Fennel Seed
▫️Mustard Seed
▫️Nettle Leaf
▫️Dill Weed
▫️Fenugreek Seed


Disclaimer: Do not consume if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. Consume at your own risk. Not FDA approved. Herbs are food grade and organic. Consult a physician before consuming By purchasing this product you are agreeing to these terms. Highly Mystical Creations LLC and it's affiliates are not responsible or liable for any and all damages and/ or adverse reactions. Please make sure you research any and all herbs purchased here before you consume them or use them in any way in and on your body. Please also consult a physician, so that you may see if there are any drug interactions with any of your medications. By agreeing to these terms and purchasing this item you agree to assume any and all responsibility for any reactions that could be caused by any of the herbs used in Highly Mystical Creations LLC herbal blends, herb kits, or any and all products offered under this LLC.

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